iPARK incubacted firms

Schema Schema is a specialized corporate governance and CSR advisory practice. It provides value to its clients through tailored Sustainability solutions in these areas.
Net Advantage, is the first specialized Online Media House in the region, that serves as an active hub between advertising agencies and a selective list of portals from different segments of the industry.
d1g.com stands as the Arab world’s fastest growing social media and content sharing platform. It provides fun and interactive communicative methods for users through its online network.
It provides Arab users with the latest web technologies and the means to share, communicate and connect. It evolved to being the largest User Generated Content in the Arab World.
FOCUS Solutions is a leading technology provider of Collection, Debit, Remedial and Credit Management Systems. Their products allow Banks and corporations to maximize efficiency.
ketab design technology that changes the way you learn, teach, and collaborate. Using collaboration platforms that represent a unique blend between known collaboration tools available in market.
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success stories

The iPARK team has played an essential role in our Jordan Solar EV Pilot Project. Our team in the US as well as our project partners in France, MATRA and DBT, and Japan's Nissan team, were truly impressed with the iPARK world-class management team and the professional services that they have provided to incubate and support our local partner NETenergy
Dr. Said Al Hallaj, CEO, Net Energy
Without iPARK we would not have done what we did!”
Mahmoud Khasawneh, CEO, quirkat
iPARK is a great resource for startups in the region, it facilitates all essential tasks and services and offer guidance for companies in their respective fields. The management team is experienced, compassionate and provide much needed skills.
Zaid Ayoub, Founder and CEO, Dimensions Consulting Inc
The iPark is not an ordinary incubator, its built for like-minded entrepreneurs who aim to achieve and unleash their potential in all Technology aspects , the amount of support and encouragement you get from the start is tremendous and priceless!
Muhannad Taslaq, CEO at Mixed Dimensions
iPARK helped EDaura connect with many investors and potential clients. iPark took a further step and supported in testing and piloting our platform. iPARK shared ideas and promoted EDaura to everyone in their network. Thank you iPARK for being there for us
Nidal Khalifeh, EDaura
iPARK is the right place to begin your dream. With iPARK team we convert obstacles and challenges into accomplishments
Tarek Makhalfeh, Me-MeDs
iPARK incubator was a really helpful step towards our success. The logistic and operational services it provides combined with the healthy entrepreneurship community it has created makes a difference to the incubated startups
Moneeb Yousif, Kunooz
When it comes to startups and acceleration hubs there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but iPARK’s team helps you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share my  story widely. It’s engaging customers and industry commentators alike, and bringing our new business great results. I am really so proud to be incubated at iPARK
Hani Saleh, Trust
Starting our business by being incubated at iPARK was critical in helping us navigate the challenges of running a young business. The great financial and legal services offered by iPARK partners were invaluable, and the amazing location at the Business Park helped us connect with valuable partners that are essential in growing our business
Jida Sunna, The Coding Circle
As a startup focusing on providing services in the innovation and entrepreneurship fields, iPARK and iPARK’s team was very helpful in enabling my company to be actively involved and supporting the development of my programs in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem
Jamil Khatib, Ibtekar
IPCO has provided expert technical consultancy for my technology. Every single question I have, I know I can count on IPCO to know the answer immediately and explain it to me simply and clearly. IPCO has helped me develop my business strategy based on open innovation models, develop the patenting strategy of the technology based on my business needs, acquire IP assets, and make partnerships that maximized the technology valuation through moving my technology forward to higher readiness levels, which facilitated the road to success through raising venture capital
Mohammed Abazid, JAZARI Powertrain
After having more than ten patent applications filed with their support, we would recommend IPCO to anyone looking for technical IP experts. We can count on them to support us in the diverse areas of IP, from training and capacity building, patent searching and drafting services to the policy level. With the support and technical expertise of IPCO, JUST was able to develop its current IP policy and regulations that serve JUST’s vision and strategy, and to build up and manage its IP asset portfolio
Dr. Fahed Awad, JUST

highlighted achievement