ipark services

Incubation services
Dedicated incubation facilities, logistical services, and shared facilities and services.
Dedicated Space
Logistical Services
Shared Facilities and services
strategic support
interaction networking

Dedicated incubation facilities:

iPARK has 45 independent office units which vary in size from 3 to more than 8 persons offices. The facilities are designed to offer flexible terms to serve the startups needs during their first 2 years of operations.

Logistical services:

This entails creating the right kind of user friendly environment to enable startup companies to accelerate their development.

Shared facilities and services:

iPARK offers a range of shared facilities and services to all of its incubated companies, which include conference and meeting rooms, administration and reception services, internet connection, phone/fax/copy facilities.

Strategic support services:

iPARK provides a wide spectrum of strategic support services that include:

·         Management team support, development, mentoring, and guidance

·         Strategy planning and market positioning

·         Business planning and feasibility assessment

·         Organizational structure development

Operational support services:

iPARK operational services vary according to the startups needs. They typically include:

·         Marketing and public relations

·         Talent acquisition and recruitment

·         Training and educational programs

·         Accounting services

·         Legal services

Interaction and networking:

iPARK promotes interaction and networking between its incubated and graduate companies, the investors community, and strategic partners through a number of formal mechanisms and events.

Intellectual property and commercialization services
Intellectual property, licensing and commercialization services.
Commercializing and intellectual property services
Support and representation in licensing agreements negotiation
Patenting services

Patenting services, which covers the following services:

·         Search and evaluation

·         Local and global legal representation

·         Patent drafting

·         Illustration

·         Translation services

Commercializing and intellectual property services, by providing:

·         Technology valuation

·         Licensing offers preparation

         ·        Licensing consultation

         ·       Licensing contracts preparations

         ·       Support and representation in licensing agreements negotiation

        ·       Potential licensees attraction

Entrepreneurship development
Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship
The Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC)
Intel Youth Enterprise Competition
Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC) strives to advocate the entrepreneurial skills of students and mature entrepreneurs. It combines entrepreneurs’ knowledge, resources and competitive drive to create a business plan that is both practical and innovative. 

Intel Youth Enterprise Competition

The Jordanian society itself become more entrepreneurial; whether its citizens micro ventures or joining someone else’s venture or simply becoming more aware of the importance of enterprise creation in opening up opportunities, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship both will play a big role in shaping Jordan’s economic growth.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Organized by iPARK, the Global Entrepreneurship Week – Jordan chapter, allows young entrepreneurs to connect to millions of young people around the world in joining the growing movement of entrepreneurship advocating innovation, generating new ideas, and seeking improved methods of doing business. 

Investment facilitation
Investment matchmaking and readiness.
coaching & mentoring
investment matchmaking

Through its Bedaya Business Angel Network, iPARK connects entrepreneurs in need for funding to accelerate the growth of their companies with a large network of local and international Angel investors and VC Firms keen to invest in start-ups and early-stage businesses. Our entrepreneurial approach to investing proves to expedite transactions in a positive and synergetic way