ipark services

Incubation services

Dedicated incubation facilities:

iPARK has 45 independent office units which vary in size from 3 to more than 8 persons offices. The facilities are designed to offer flexible terms to serve the startups needs during their first 2 years of operations.

Logistical services:

This entails creating the right kind of user friendly environment to enable startup companies to accelerate their development.

Shared facilities and services:

iPARK offers a range of shared facilities and services to all of its incubated companies, which include conference and meeting rooms, administration and reception services, internet connection, phone/fax/copy facilities.

Strategic support services:

iPARK provides a wide spectrum of strategic support services that include:

·         Management team support, development, mentoring, and guidance

·         Strategy planning and market positioning

·         Business planning and feasibility assessment

·         Organizational structure development

Operational support services:

iPARK operational services vary according to the startups needs. They typically include:

·         Marketing and public relations

·         Talent acquisition and recruitment

·         Training and educational programs

·         Accounting services

·         Legal services

Interaction and networking:

iPARK promotes interaction and networking between its incubated and graduate companies, the investors community, and strategic partners through a number of formal mechanisms and events.

Who Should Apply?

Startups and early stage businesses with:

·         Solid business plan and marketing plan

·         Sustainable competitive advantage and compelling differentiators

·         Strong growth potential

·         Skilled and experienced management team

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