The president of Yarmouk University, Prof. Zeidan Kafafi, recently met with the director of the Intellectual Property Trade Office of the Scientific Association (iPARK). The meeting was part of congregation of the International Initiative Committee, which aims at supporting the universal innovation environment, ‘The Next Society’, strengthening the values of creativity, pushing development efforts, and developing scientific research in which Yarmouk University is pioneering among other Jordanian institutions.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed possible cooperation between Yarmouk University and the Intellectual Property Trading Office in the fields of training and consultation, which should result in exchanging experiences and knowledge among the two parties. Prof. Kafafi confirmed Yarmouk’s interest in participating in international projects of all fields as such participation benefits the university as well as the teaching board, contributes to exchanging experiences and scientific skills among participants of the project, provides an idea about other pioneering educational associations’ experiences, and enables the deployment of such experiences for developing the educational process at Yarmouk University. This eventually, as Prof. Kafafi stated, reflects on the level of Yarmouk’s graduates who will help to renew national associations and push the sustainable development process in all sectors.

Pointing out the need to activate cooperation between the different scientific, research, and academic institutions with the university, Prof. Kafafi stressed the depth of relations between Yarmouk University and the Royal Scientific Society, which is considered an incubator of creativity and innovation. He confirmed that the cooperation always leads to exchanging experiences and joint work, which results in advancing Jordan’s academic institutions and keeping pace with the tremendous developments witnessed by the world in the fields of information and technology transfer and intellectual property. He also noted that knowledge is no longer exclusive to any party and does belong to all people and that the great overlap between multiple sciences opens great prospects for creativity and innovation, considering the inevitable need for basic sciences despite the huge developments and major changes in all scientific fields. Prof. Kafafi added that Yarmouk, as one of the leading Jordanian universities, is keen to expand bridges of cooperation with the various scientific and research institutions to pelletizing scientific research along with encouraging creativity and innovation, considering that Yarmouk was established to be an incubator of science and academic research that contributes to the development of the society.

In return, Jaafari stressed the keenness of the Royal Scientific Society to institutionalize cooperation relations with the various Jordanian universities, pointing out the readiness of the Intellectual Property Trade Office to provide all training and consultation services to Yarmouk University, as one of the pillars of scientific research in Jordan. He mentioned that Yarmouk was the first university in Jordan to compose intellectual property instructions, which took place in 1978. He then reviewed the services of the Intellectual Property Trade Office, which seeks to support technology transfer offices in the national institutions, and emphasized their role in achieving development, entrepreneurship, and supporting innovation.

All in all, the meeting was highly productive and was attended by the University Vice President for Humanities Faculties and Administrative Affairs, Prof. Anis Khassawneh, the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shannaq, the Director of the Department of International Relations and Projects, Dr. Mwaffaq Otoom, the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mestrihi, the Dean Assistant of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Sciences, Dr. Yazan Al-Shboul, the Chair of the Scientific Research Department in the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Mr. Mahmoud Alsouki, and the Director of the Department of Public Relations and Media, Mr. Mukhles Al-Ibbeni.