iPARK, in partnership with Leaders International, organized the first entrepreneurship expo in Aqaba. The two-day event presented a gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs and key players and organizations from the ecosystem. The main purpose of the expo was to shed the light on the emerging entrepreneurship environment in Aqaba.

The first day of the expo kicked off with panel discussions on: the vision of Aqaba; private sector support for entrepreneurship; incubating and accelerating starups; creating, managing and growing a new business; and women in entrepreneurship.

The first day concluded with a networking event that included entrepreneurs, support organizations, partners, service providers and investors. Many took advantage of this casual setting to initiate conversations for establishing new partnerships.

The exhibition on the second day presented 21 startups with the opportunity to showcase their products and services in Aqaba.

The aim of the exhibition was to provide the startups with opportunities for local deals and linkages by matching them with suitable partners and investors and by arranging B2B meetings.

We are extremely happy to say that the expo was a huge success. We had an amazing turnout and received positive feedback from attendees.

Stay tuned for our upcoming activities!