Utrac launched its operations back in 2017, as a tech startup which eases the delivery process and links all three parts of the process together (buyers, shops, and drivers). Utrac devised a new concept to make life easier by enhancing the delivery process and solving the issues that many shops and customers are facing. Shops: Shops face various problems, including delivery men collecting orders late, collection issues when the driver delivers the order and then comes back to settle the order price, and when a settlement arrangement is made between the delivery company and the shop. Utrac has found a solution for this by having the driver pay for the order at the time of pickup. Customers: Customers are not willing to spend time giving directions to delivery men over the phone, in an era where technology can provide much better solutions for sharing and saving locations to be used in future orders. Utrac has a live tracking system where customers can track their orders and watch it arrive at their doorstep. Drivers: Perhaps this is a significant part of their application as Utrac has been trying its best to help people make use of their free time and vehicles. Drivers with Utrac are making extra money during their day by working as delivery agents. Being a freelance driver with Utrac gives you the opportunity to gain more money as you deliver.

Incubator: Generation Impact


Status: Incubated

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